Global business travel is increasing and is likely to increase further. By 2020 millennials will comprise half of the global workforce and according to the GBTA Business Traveller are nearly twice as likely to want to travel more for business than Baby Boomers.

International corporations, or any company that employs staff overseas require the assurance that in the worst case scenario they are able to repatriate an employee from overseas to their home country.

TCB Repatriation is an accredited member of FIAT-IFTA, the world organisation of funeral operatives which connects us to the biggest network of funeral operatives globally.

All of our global partners are like-minded companies, dedicated to exceeding expectations and standard procedures for repatriation and who have a reputation for reliability.

Our end to end repatriation services include:

  • Preparation of the deceased for international transportation
  • Complete documentary service
  • International transportation including:
    • International flights
    • International transfers
    • Customs brokerage
  • Return of personal effects

Whether you already employee staff who work overseas or intend to send staff on international travel in the future, planning for the unexpected ensures that your organisation is fully prepared.

TCB Repatriation services will prepare a plan tailored to your specific requirements that will be put into action if the need arises.

TCB Repatriation is accredited by SAIF (Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors) NAFD (National Association of Funeral Directors) and FIAT-IFTA. (The World Organisation of Funeral Operatives.)

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